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Get insights on your spending, set goals, and increase your savings.

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Reach your goals faster

Wally centralizes all your accounts so you can learn, manage, and improve your finances.

Recommended over 150 times

Personal finance experts, bloggers, and leading publications like Forbes, Economic Times, BBC and more recommend Wally to help you manage your finances.

Bank level security

Syncing your accounts to Wally is encrypted end-to-end, PCI compliant, ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant.

key features

Start building your savings today

Be it saving up for your dream home or paying off your debt, easily meet all your goals.

Budget to suit your needs
Flexible budget periods help you control your monthly spending or save for specific goals.
Budget by category
Set budgets to control your day-to-day spending across categories like groceries, entertainment, home, and more.
Track your progress
Over, under or on budget - keep up with your progress on-the-go with Wally's budget trackers.

Stay organized

Save time and money with handy tools that keep your financial life organized.

Financial calendar for clarity
Get an overview of all your past and upcoming transactions, auto-categorized chronologically in your calendar.
A safe haven for all your important documents
Never find the right bill at the right time? Scan & upload bills, receipts and warranties so they're always with you.
Plan ahead with bill reminders and lists
Schedule bill and other payment reminders and create lists to plan your shopping.

Financial clarity and control

Let Wally take the anxiety and hassle out of managing your finances.

Instantly unlock insights on your spending
Sync your savings, checking, credit card, and loan accounts and get instant insights on your spending habits and cashflow patterns.
Stay accountable with real-time updates
Updated account balances and auto-categorized transaction updates take the guesswork out of your financial life.
On-the-go financial clarity
Highlights of your recent spending, budget, and upcoming transactions give you a clear picture of your finances anywhere, anytime.

Track joint accounts and household budgets

Start groups to manage shared finances with family, friends, flatmates and colleagues.

Sync, track and budget together
Securely sync and give everyone a consolidated view of all your joint credit cards, savings and loan accounts. Understand and improve group finances with key insights on shared spending.
Reach goals together
Group budgets help families and flatmates control day-to-day spending across categories.
Stay in-sync
Upload and share group documents like lease agreements, plan group spending with lists, schedule bill reminders or discuss group finances.

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Global like you

Wally helps you manage your finances no matter where you go or spend.

Widest global network
With 15,000 banks available in 70 countries, easily sync and manage all your foreign accounts in one place.
Track foreign transactions
Wally's 200+ currencies help you easily track and convert all your foreign transactions. Insights by currency gives you an overview of your spending in each currency.
Request a bank in your country
Can't find your bank? Leave us a bank request and we'll get our team working on it.

Trusted and loved by people from around the world


Recommended over 150 times

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